10 Simple Tactics to Enhance Your Home Security


There are a number of steps you can take to enhance your overall home security. This includes some more complicated strategies as well as some very basic and simple steps you can take to enhance your home's overall security. These 10 simple tactics are easy to employ and effective when it comes to improving the overall security of your residence.


Eliminate an Overflowing Mailbox

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One easy practice you can implement is to ensure that you never have an overflowing mailbox at your home. Ideally, a mailbox built into your residence through which items go directly into your home is preferable. However, if that is not an option for you, make sure you empty your mailbox daily. If you are traveling, make arrangements for someone to remove items from your mailbox regularly so that it doesn't overflow. In the same vein, make certain that newspapers and handbills do not accumulate at your either, whether you are home or on the road.


Apply Home Security System Decals

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If you have a home security system, take advantage of the decals that your system provider likely will provide. Display them about your property. These decals are proven effective at deterring a miscreant from invading your home in some manner. Even if you do not have a home security, get your hands on decals indicating you do have one and display they at your residence.


Utilize Home Illumination Automation

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Take advantage of technology when it comes to illuminating your home. For years, you had the ability to put your light on a timer so that they would illuminate even when you are way, rendering the appearance that your home is occupied. In this day and age, timers remain an option. However, you can also control the lighting of your home from afar using an app. Indeed, there are apps and associated technology that permit you the ability to open and close window curtains or blinds from a distance.


Trim Shrubbery

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If you are like many people, you've elected to plant shrubbery around your home. You can take another simple step to enhance the security of your residence by keeping the shrubbery around your property well-trimmed. By keeping shrubbery trim, you eliminate spots at which individuals intent on committing a crime can conceal themselves on your property.


Lock Your Doors and Windows

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Perhaps the simplest step you can take to shore up your residential security is to make certain your doors and windows are locked whenever you leave your home. A majority of people do lock their doors when they leave their homes. However, a good many people do not do the same with their windows.


You should also keep your door locked when you are inside your residence as well. Home invasions represent one of the most common categories of crimes in the United States in this day and age. Many home invasions are accomplished because a home owner fails to keep doors locked when inside a residence.


Install Window Stops

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On a related note, another affordable and relatively easy step you can take to enhance your home security is to install window stops. By installing these devices you are able to enjoy fresh air and having your windows open. However, a miscreant will be prevented from fully opening a window to access the interior of your home if you install window stops. You will also want to take a very serious look at installing the same type of device on any sliding doors that you have in your home.


Reconsider Your Social Media Use

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If you are like many people, you enjoy using social media. You may make social media posts about an activity you are involved with away from home. You may make social media posts while you are on vacation.


Bear in mind that people with criminal intent monitor social media. As a result, if you are posting items about what you are doing away from home, including when on vacation, you are sending an invitation to a would-be criminal to pay a visit to your unoccupied abode. Therefore, you should seriously consider not posting information in real time about your vacation or even an event away from your residence.


Know Your Neighbors

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Get to know your neighbors. In neighborhoods where homeowners know one another, there tends to be a lower crime rate. This is the reality because neighbors who do know one another tend to be more apt to watch out for one another.


Take the Trash Out to the Curb

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If you are going to be away from home on "trash day," make arrangements for someone to take your trash down to the curb. Not only will taking the trash out lessen the chances for odors in your home, it enhances security. Don't place the garbage at the curb days in advance of the scheduled collection. You want to send the message that it's business as usual at your home.


Beware of Dog Sign

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Owning a dog can be a solid deterrent to a person otherwise intent on entering your property with the objective of committing a crime. Even if you don't own a pooch, consider placing a beware of dog sign at different locations on your property. This can have the effect of keeping a bad actor off your property.


These do represent simpler steps you can take to enhance the overall security at your residence. If you want to go a bit further, but still keep it relatively simple, consider installing security lights and cameras on the exterior of your home. In this day and age there are an array of affordable options, including products that are quite easy to install.